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‘A Very Swantacular Christmas’ is a 40-minute jovial walkabout performance featuring a recycled 7ft Swan Pedalo! 'Gary & Pel' will be peddling into the hearts of audiences, inviting them to slow dance, snap some festive piccys, and even have a 'magical ride' on the Christmastide boat itself. 

Riding along to all our favourite Christmas tunes, the duo will stop, take song requests, and create interactive cartoon scenarios for the audiences to get involved with. So glide on down and prepare to fall head over heels in love this holiday season! 

‘A Very Swantacular Christmas’ will be a captivating addition to any Christmas event, the blend of impactful visuals, reminiscent holiday songs from different eras, and comedic ridiculousness from the engaging performers will instantly grab the attention of festival goers.

Arts Council of Wales
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