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'Swan in Love' is a must-see Swantacular walkabout performance; featuring a recycled 7ft Swan Pedalo. Gary & Pel will be pedalling into the hearts of audiences; inviting

them to slow dance, snap some piccys and even have a romantic ride on the love boat itself. 

A 40 - minute live-action cartoon walkabout for all ages to enjoy. Swan on down and fall head over heel in love this summer. Commissioned by Articulture Wales and Arts Council Wales


The Creation story.

3 years ago 'Swan in Love' was an idea dreamt up one evening by Alex (Gary) on a deliriously long drive home from a gig with Kim(Pel). "Imagine having a Swan pedalo in a show!?" from there I went on a hunt for a Swan pedalo that could potentially be turned into a bike of some sort. After months of looking, I finally found a fleet of old pedalos on Gumtree (of all places). My Partner Nathan and I booked a van and made our way to Essex to pick up the Pedalo... Nathan: 'What the hell are you doing?' 

After reversing into a tiny ally way for what felt like an hour, they arrived at the home of the fleet. There was only one left! It was HUGE, Much bigger and heavier than expected!

So big that in fact that it wouldn't fit into my storage unit. After panicking, crying and shouting 'What the hell did I just buy? I'm an idiot!' I decided there was only one thing to do. Sawed the head off the Swan. Sat in the back of the van Nathan drank a can of cider and watched on in horror.

After a discussion with my prop maker, fell through. I messaged and rang several different prop makers to help convert the Swan however they all refused as it was too complicated and too much work. Months passed, and I had given up after realising I had paid a hefty sum for a now headless swan. what now?


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