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The King and Queen of high school, the Mr and Mrs of illogical and the queer and deluded of home life.

Introducing Gary and Pel. 


Gary and Pel are a live action cartoon company based in South Wales. Mixing Dance, Slapstick comedy and Tom & Jerry combat. The concept created by Alex Marshall Parsons has been commissioned by Emma Carlson dance & Coreo Cymru’s Dance Shorts 'The Sales Pitch' (2014) Articulture Wales ‘CarCrash Wedding’ (2017) and has been awarded Research and Development funding from the Arts Council Wales creating the Gary and Pel Film 'The Semi Skimmed Milk Man' with 4Pi Productions (2015) and the early developments of 'HoneyMoon Balloon' (2018)


Alex is looking to expand on the Gary & Pel universe in the near future. 


Email Alex - garyandpel@outlook.com

Alex created the Gary & Pel concept in 2012 whilst writing his dissertation at Edge Hill University where he studied Dance, Drama and Physical theatre. Alex has been a part of Earthfall, Bombastic dance and Gary Clarke Company and was recently nominated for best male dance artist at the 2016 Wales theatre critic awards. 


- Alex loves watching wrestling, reading comics and obsessing about Rupaul's Drag Race... 

Alex Marshall Parsons

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