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Meet artist Cet Haf

Cêt Haf graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a 1st class Honours degree in Dance, and currently works as a freelance performer based Wales. Since her days at primary school Fine Art has been a constant hobby for Cêt, mainly creating paintings and sketches. Her preferred tool is a pencil however she thrives on exploring the dozens of different mediums to create art work. Cêt thoroughly enjoys meeting new people, music, literature and thrives on the creative arts industry.

Artist Statement:

I am passionate about art in all its fantastic forms. My Fine Art work is sometimes created and stimulated by a memory while others are interpretations of a photograph, and they are largely inspired by life experiences. As a professional dancer, the subject of dance and the human body and shape is primary to most of my work. The question of how to capture movement within art is very important to my process, and I explore different techniques, tools and mediums to achieve what I aim to be interesting Art work.

Before creating any of my own drawings for Gary and Pel I studied countless images of the live show itself, merely looking at the performers’ faces, shapes, colours, energy, relationship and dynamic of their story. I researched into the history and images of Film Noir and comic book strips where I found inspiration of style that I could inject into my own work. Even though I had never created art work with felt tip pens before they were the perfect tool to shape and produce the bold images that Alex requested. I used semi transparent paper, a very thin pencil, and 36 pens. I like asking people how many milk bottles they can find!

The Birth of Baby Jane

This was the first drawing I created. My instructions from Alex were clear: Pel looking glamorous giving birth while Garry is utterly distracted by the handsome doctor ripping his own shirt open. An image popped into my head immediately, I could see and feel the awkwardness and hilarity of the situation before putting pen to paper. I find it so important to have fun whilst working and I enjoyed testing different facial expressions on the characters before building the background slowly around them.

The Wedding

When I showed Alex the first version of the wedding drawing I thought I was getting away with quite a tame, subtle, cheeky one in comparison to The birth of Baby Jane. Alex however, saw an opportunity to liven the situation up with a strip tease vicar and Pel’s famous pans flying out of her bouquet. I thought it a great idea and got straight to work before realising that I had misread the word ‘pans’ as ‘pants’! Luckily for me Alex quite liked the pants. I suggested keeping both versions of the wedding in order to highlight the absurdity within the story. It was great to work closely with Alex, always sending imagery over so that I could really understand what to capture and highlight in the drawings.

High school sweet hearts

I went for landscape with this one because I wanted it to be more like an action shot from a throwaway camera. Alex had asked for the mysterious handsome man to appear in all of the images so of course I hid him in the locker ready to pounce on Gary while Pel obliviously poses for her fans. This drawing was hardest to create because the focus is on their facial expressions and I wanted to convey their feelings but still by using a minimal amount of lines.

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